MEZCALERIA LOS AMANTES / The 10 Best Bars in Oaxaca City.


The 10 Best Bars in Oaxaca City.

Foto: Fernando Talavera
Oaxaca is the home of mezcal, something which is heavily reflected in our selection of the 10 best bars in Oaxaca City. A smoky drink predominantly produced in Oaxaca, often featuring a worm at the bottom of the bottle, mezcal is made from the maguey plant – a type of agave – native to Mexico. As the old saying goes, "pa’ todo mal, mezcal, y pa’ todo bien, también" ("For every ill, mezcal, and for the good as well").

Foto: Yadira Castañeda

Mezcalería Los Amantes

Excellent mezcal from their own distillery
With an interior described by bloggers as "Mexican steampunk," Los Amantes is a quirky little spot filled with dusty tomes, taxidermy, and a plethora of mezcal related items. Don’t be put off by the rather peculiar image you’ve probably conjured up of this tiny and incredibly welcoming watering hole, which is often populated with locals partaking in the spirit for which their state is famous. A plus or downside, depending on how you look at it, is that they only serve products from their distillery, but even so this is a Oaxaca favorite and unmissable.

Foto: HS fotografia

Price: Mid-range
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 4pm-10pm
Watch out for: Mezcal from their own distillery
Address & telephone number: Allende 107, Oaxaca City, Mexico, +52 951 501 0687


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